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004 - The Future of CRM

2018-06-06 - There are countless Customer Relationship Management systems currently on the market. From the big players like Salesforce, to the more emerging players like ProsperWorks. It seems that every day, a new one enters the space. It is clear that CRM is an important part of business and that they aren't going away anytime soon. On this episode, I talk with Sai about what the future of CRM looks like, what his experience has been like being a Salesforce developer, and if he would ever consider moving from the giant that is Salesforce over to something like ProsperWorks.

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003 - Selling Value Over Service

2018-05-08 - On this episode of Analysis Paralysis, I am talking to one of my mentors, Ajaz. He is a great salesman and consultant that has given me a lot of guidance over the years. I figured that not everyone has a mentor so I wanted to record this call with him to share with others to hopefully get something from this. Discussing sales and difficulties I was recently going through with clients and overall, how to sell value over an "hourly rate" type model.

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002 - How To Sell Your Services

2018-02-07 - This guy Tim reached out to me recently, he had listened to the first podcast and he was telling me about his story and it really resonated. We set up a time to talk and we just had a discussion about where he's at right now, where he wants to be going, what he is struggling with. A lot of that is about being able to sell yourself. You have a passion, a hobby, something that you are good at ー how do you convince people that it is worth buying?

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001 - Pivot

2018-01-09 - It's impossible to start a business early on in your career and not pivot along the way. Over the past 8 years in business, I have grown a lot, evolved, and developed new skills that I could have never envisioned when opening up the company my freshman year of college. On this episode, I take you through my history of pivots from the web development world, to online marketing, IT support, and now business process consulting & automation. The longer you are in business, the more you learn, and the more opportunities you realize are available. How do you take advantage of the right opportunities and properly pivot your business?

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000 - All In My Head

2018-01-09 - Trailer for Analysis Paralysis, a new podcast around business process consulting, CRM, automation, and efficiency, by Alex Bass.

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